Batting Average

Boston Red Sox Career Batting Average Leaders

Ted Williams Boston Red Sox MLB All-Time Career Batting Average LeaderThe Boston Red Sox Career Team Leaders have included many of MLB’s most prominent stars and members of baseballs prestigious Hall of Fame.  Boston Red Sox Career Batting Average (AVG.) Leaders some long-standing member of Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

The Boston Red Sox all-time career MLB records show that Ted Williams was the greatest Red Sox hitter of all-time. Williams played his entire career with the Red Sox, hitting a life-time average of .344.

Boston Red Sox Career Batting AVG Leaders
Player AVG.
1. Ted Williams .344
2, Wade Boggs .338
3. Tris Speaker .337
4. Nomar Garciaparra .323
5. Jimmie Foxx .320
6. Pete Runnels .320
7. Roy Johnson .313
8. Johnny Pesky .313
9. Manny Ramirez .312
10. Fred Lynn .308